Getting kids to eat healthy

Getting kids to eat can be tough, getting them to eat a generous amount of fruits and vegetables can be even tougher. Being deliberate about what your kids eat can be tasking. Especially in Nigeria, where you have to navigate through endless traffic, the lack of constant power supply and a long list of activities and commitments. A healthy diet with a generous intake of fruits and vegetables can have a tremendous effect on a child's health. Not only can it improve a child's mental and emotional wellbeing, but also it can stabilise their mood and help them maintain a healthy weight.

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Remember that your children were not born with a love for rice, pizza, and ice-cream. Want to get your kids to eat healthy and love it? The following might help:

Try not to be the Food police: Forcing your kids to eat food that they have continuously said they hate will most likely build frustration and resentment. Rather, fill up your fridge with other delicious, colorful, wholesome, and tasty options - never settle for junk.

Lure your kids to love veggies: Try incorporating greens into fruit smoothies for that nutrition boost. If you want, you may add small veggies to the ones your kids loves, e.g. preparing cauliflower mashed potatoes, for example. Another fun activity is inviting your kids to shop for fruits  and vegetables with w you, having them actively participate in preparing meals and plating food with you in a more colorful and inviting platter. One major trick is shaping a veggie into a smiley face, it may taste better. For older kids, allow them to spice up their veggies with creative garnish or spices, for example. raw cacao, cinnamon, or vanilla to make them want to eat veggies.

Introduce new healthy dishes while still serving familiar meals: the major goal of wanting to make your kids eat healthy is to take out the worst unhealthy meals, then the less go-to unhealthy option while replacing it with homemade dessert, salad, and fruit.

Make learning about nutritious foods fun for your kids: Give them the liberty to select their own healthy snacks and veggies approved by you. You can encourage them to have a Snack Shelf of healthy nutritious foods. Giving your kids this liberty help your kid(s) take responsibility for their own nutrition at a young age.

Give your kids the freedom to make dietary mistakes: Do not scold your kids for their dietary choices, instead, seize opportunities to make them understand the consequences of their poor dietary choices.

With these tips, you can help build a healthy relationship with food with your kids. One where they eat healthy servings of fruits and vegetables and do not think it's punishment.

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