New Year, New Goals! Lifestyle changes that can make a big difference

Most of us usually begin the New Year filled with optimism and Team Oh So is quite sure many of you have made some healthy lifestyle related resolutions yourselves. But, we are sure you'll agree that we all know how most resolutions go – in Januray you raring to go. By February, you have started waffling a bit...or a lot, promising to start being consistent as of "tomorrow". And then, by March, you have fallen off the wagon with the promise to get back on track in April. Before you know it, it's December! To avoid the slow death known of most New Year resolutions, here are eight sustainable changes you can incorporate into your daily routine so you can crush those goals.

 Food - New Year, New Goals! Lifestyle changes that can make a big difference 

Begin your day with Lemon and water: A glass of lemon juice with warm water helps detoxify the body and keep your body’s pH balance in check. Daily consumption of lemon and warm water can help keep joint and muscle pain at bay, prevent toothache or decay, and also help regulate bowel movements.

Engage in some form of physical exercise: Nothing gives the body more life, than sweating out the stress. Going to a nearby store? Ditch your car and take a stroll. Take the stairs instead of the elevator, jog, walk, sign up to the gym, engage in any exercise that helps you remain fit. At the office? Get up from your desk every hour to walk around. You can set an alarm that reminds you to stand up and stretch your legs every hour.

Eat a healthy breakfast: There’s a reason this is known by many as the most important meal of the day. Eating breakfast can help set the tone for the day as well as help maintain blood sugar levels and metabolism.
Stay hydrated: A glass of water at intervals or eating water-rich fruits or vegetables will help combat fatigue, lower heart rate, and ultimately help keep your organs active.

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Be active, find excuses to get up and move: Move, move, move! When you are at work, take bathroom breaks, stretch your legs. Dance, even if there is no music playing, just move. And if there is music, own the dance floor! 

Portion Control: Try not go beyond your stomach capacity. Stop eating when you are satisfied, not when you can no longer breathe. Go with a smaller plate, that way your food looks more than it actually is. Small is the new full.

Munch on more whole and healthy fresh fruits: Ditch the candy and soda and junk food that can leave you feeling blah after you eat them. Swap them for some  wholesome fresh fruits and vegetables, or nuts instead.

Get enough zzzzz: The body needs all the rest it can get. Sleep deprivation does more harm to the body physically, mentally and psychologically. The natural remedy is not far fetched, getting 7-8 hours of quality sleep will help stimulate your mental and physical health.

So there you have it, our top sustainable lifestyle changes for 2019. And remember #healthyisalifestyle.

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