Oh So University: The African Star Apple

Oh So University: Agbalumo

Name: Agbalumo

Other names: Udara, Udala, Otien, African cherry, African star apple

Botanical Name: Chrysophyllum albidum


Agbalumo is a rich, juicy and fleshy fruit found along the coastal areas of West Africa. It is popular for its sweet and sour taste, and the sticky milky juice that it produces. The agbalumo fruit normally contains four to six seeds in it, shaped like a star, hence it being named the African star apple. It is a seasonal fruit that makes its appearance between December and May, and many people are known to patiently await its arrival.


What many are unaware of when it comes to agbalumo are the numerous health benefits and nutrients this fruit offers. Agbalumo is rich in Vitamin C, containing more than oranges. It is also rich in crude fibre that helps with food digestion, which furthers prevents bloating and constipation. It contains essential minerals, such as zinc and calcium that help with the growth and maintenance of cellular integrity. And is high in antioxidants, helping to prevent damage to the system caused by free radicals. The low calorie content of agbalumo fruit helps fight against and reduce blood cholesterol levels.

Virtually all parts of the agbalumo fruit are useful. The seeds are helpful in the treatment of dermatological infections.  It has been used for decades in traditional medicine to remedy many ailments. For instance, the bark of the agbalumo tree is used to treat yellow fever and malaria, while the leaves are useful for treating wounds, stomachache, and diarrhea.

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