So you want to detox?!

Over the past couple of years, people have become increasingly conscious of their health and their wellbeing. And, with that consciousness, “Detox” has become one of the most popular words used in modern day English. A detox is a great and accelerated way to give your system a break from all the processed, refined, sugar and salt filled foods one consumes and it can help flush out harmful toxins in the body. Detoxes can last anywhere from a day to a few weeks, depending on your chosen approach. Doing a detox can have your body feeling well and invigorated and bloat-free again. Overall, a detox can help you kickstart your journey to a healthy lifestyle or help you reboot your system. Many people have noted craving fresh whole foods after a detox and continue on the journey to transform their eating habits.

Drink - So you want to detox?! 

What a detox is not?  A detox is not a.) miracle cure or magical solution to help you lose weight. b.) It is also not a crash diet or a quick fix. It took weeks and oftentimes years, for you to get to where you are, so give your body time to reset and readjust. Rome was not built in a day.

About to start a detox? Here are a couple of things to consider:

  1. Do your research. This helps you learn about the detox process, so that you have a general idea of what to expect. Understanding this can help you determine what kind of detox you need to do and for how long.
  2. Keep records. What is measured, gets done. Therefore, it is advisable to get a detox journal so that you can document how you feel and exactly how much progress has been made. It is also great to take photos, get measured with a tape and get weighed before and after. Keeping records of what you are eating also helps because it can enable you identify foods and activities that jeopardise your healthy lifestyle goals
  3. Modify your diet. Beginning a detox abruptly can have adverse effects on your system and affect your overall results. Making modifications to your diet includes reducing caffeine, refined sugar, soda, alcohol and incorporating fruits and vegetables to your diet. By doing this, you prepare your body for the more intense detox.
  4. Eliminate the temptation. Before you begin your detox, purge your refrigerator of all unhealthy foods and stock your fridge with all the fresh whole and preferably plant based foods that can support your your detox. Doing so can also help you transition to healthier eating once your detox is over.
  5. Get support. Embarking on a detox is no easy task. It is normal for you to feel sick and gloomy. Being a part of a community of people going through the same process, or just sharing your goal with close family and friends can be very encouraging and uplifting. It can definitely help you power through to achieve your goal.
  6. Adopt Healthy as a lifestyle. The whole point of a detox is to help cleanse your body and kick start the journey to making better food choices. After a detox has been concluded, make conscious efforts to make healthier food choices and maintain an active lifestyle.

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