Staying True to Your Health Goals All Year Round

The magic of new beginnings is still very much in the air, even though we’re already two months into 2021. While we can only hope that factors beyond our control serve a better hand this year, we can certainly do our best to keep health and wellness goals alive. This year is for the taking. Are you ready?

There’s always the enthusiastic conversation about what your personal, relational and even financial goals are for the new year every once in a while. 

The start of a new year is always a good time to reassess one’s goals and set new ones. However, it doesn’t have to be done just in the new year. Setting and resetting goals can be done at any point and when you most feel the need. When setting goals, it’s easy to pen some broad ideas down on paper, but, what about your health goals? Is it just the usual - ‘keep fit’? Or is it more detailed and intentional?  The importance of ensuring that you set  more detailed goals to oversee your general well-being cannot be overstated.

To start, take some time to acknowledge each facet of your general well-being. This should include your physical health, mental health, emotional and spiritual health. Every facet is an important part of your wholeness and you should not neglect them. Then spend some time detailing your goal around each one. For example, a mental health goal could include - do a digital detox for 30 minutes daily - that way you can completely disconnect from social media, emails, work stress and chat messages. This would give you “mind time” to decompress and reset, which these days we all could do with a little more of.

When setting goals (whatever they may be), the trick is to keep them simple, yet specific and achievable. The less complex and conditional your goals are, the less likely you are to lose interest and enthusiasm.  When it comes to your health, routine hospital checks and daily exercise is a good way to start. Forming healthy habits like controlled breaths or staying properly hydrated and even positive affirmations is also of great importance.

Staying healthy is mostly about the formulation of small healthy habits, which enhance your well being and living.  What parts of your health are you slacking off on? Now is a great time to come up with a game plan to tackle it.

Remember, it takes 21 days to form a habit and 90 days to make it a lifestyle. So, take it one day at a time and be kind to yourself. Let’s make 2021 your healthiest year yet - staying true to your health goals.

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