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New Year, New Goals! Lifestyle changes that can make a big difference

Most of us usually begin the New Year filled with optimism and Team Oh So is quite sure many of you have made some healthy lifestyle related resolutions yourselves. But, we are sure you'll agree that we all know how most resolutions go – in Januray you raring to go. By February, you have started waffling a bit...or a lot, promising to start being consistent as of "tomorrow". And then, by March, you have fallen off the wagon with the promise to get back on track in April. Before you know it, it's December! To avoid the slow death known of most New Year resolutions, here are eight sustainable changes you can incorporate into your daily routine so you can crush those goals.    Begin...

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Tips on how to survive the long month of January

After all the jollification and parambulation during the holidays, comes the 100 days of January. Well that’s what it feels like 100 days! It’s no secret that January is the longest month, ever. Whether this is because salaries get paid earlier in December and you have to wait longer for our next pay day, or because of the abrupt cool down after the festivities, January can seem long. As much as we are basking in the euphoria of Christmas, corporate, as well as, social events, concerts and everything in-between, it’s imperative to plan finances for the month ahead. Planning ahead will protect you from facing the fury of ‘brokenness' in January. It will also save you from drinking garri to...

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