The Benefits of Running

There is no doubt that engaging the body in any kind of physical activity has countless benefits. Apart from being one of the most straightforward forms of exercise, running has various physical, social and even emotional benefits. Even though running is categorized into jogging, distance running and sprinting, the major goal is to keep those legs moving based on your capacity. Technological advancement has also enabled the tracking of running movements (and movement in general) such as steps, distance covered, heart rate,  as well as, the amount of calories burned.

Clothing - The Benefits of Running

Below are some of the benefits of running that you should start chasing after;

  • Strong Immune System. Consistent running helps in building up of one’s high tolerance to germs and bacteria by improving the immune system.
  • Stress Relief. Running increases the stimulation of serotonin – a happy hormone in the brain, thereby making you more calm and relaxed. Research has shown that people who run have been to have increased positive mental health.
  • Strengthening of Bones, Joints, and Muscle. The stability of the joints and muscles are increased by strengthening the tendons and ligaments through running.
  • Reduced Rate of Heart Disease. Running can improve cardiovascular health, as running helps maintain a healthy and strong heart. A simple 10-15 minutes jog daily will bring about a significant reduction in cardiovascular problems.
  • Improved Blood Pressure Rate. When running, your breathing is different, there is an increase in breathing while running. Your arteries contract and expand, which keeps your arteries fit and helps your blood pressure stay stable.
  • Weight Loss: Running is one of the best forms of exercise for losing or maintaining a consistent weight. It is a quick and effective way to burn those extra calories or keep fit.
  • No gym required. Yes that’s right. Put on your running shoes, step outside your front door and set off. Really there are no excuses for not getting in some running on a regular basis.

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