Tips on how to survive the long month of January

After all the jollification and parambulation during the holidays, comes the 100 days of January. Well that’s what it feels like 100 days! It’s no secret that January is the longest month, ever. Whether this is because salaries get paid earlier in December and you have to wait longer for our next pay day, or because of the abrupt cool down after the festivities, January can seem long. As much as we are basking in the euphoria of Christmas, corporate, as well as, social events, concerts and everything in-between, it’s imperative to plan finances for the month ahead. Planning ahead will protect you from facing the fury of ‘brokenness' in January. It will also save you from drinking garri to survive!

Person - Tips on how to survive the long month of January

Here are some tips to help you have a stress-free January, without necessarily giving up your December enjoyment:

  1. Save some of your salary in an account you don’t have access to. Saving a certain percentage of your salary per month in an account without an ATM card or an app can comeback as a lifesaver. P.S: December is popular for 13th month bonus, you can choose to treat yourself with the bonus, while you save a chunk of your actual pay.
  2. Pay January bills in advance. Try to prepay some of your January bills. Children’s school fees is a big one given it can stress many parents out in January. Depending on the type of bills you can prepay, you may be gifted with additional discount for being an early-bird. Examples are Internet service, electricity and mobile phone bills. At least with these, you know that no matter what happens, will not run out of electricity or internet and phone access.
  3. Set a budget for Christmas festivities. Before you are knee deep into the festivities frenzy, create a budget for how much you want to spend on food, outings, gifts, for example. Of course this depends on how much you have saved and are ready to spend. But, make the effort to set and stick to your budget religiously as it gives you cues on what you can or cannot afford. Don’t ever feel guilty about saying not to gift requests. Reducing your money-related stress levels is important to your overall wellness.
  4. Avoid the pressure to give more than you can afford. Everyone is nicer and more giving during the holiday period. This also means that many people around you expect more this season. It can get a bit overwhelming, with everyone asking for their “Christmas gift” or asking you to “Bless” them. Avoid the pressure to give more than you can afford. Learn to set limits and manage your budget. Do not get carried away spreading good cheer that you forget that you need to survive in January.
  5. Buy in bulk. Instead of buying small portions of meat, collaborate with your friends or colleagues and buy in bulk. Sharing bags of rice, beans, or sharing baskets of produce (tomatoes, for example) from markets like Mile12 with friends can save you in the long run. Use what you need for the festivities and save the remainder in your fridge or freezer for January.   
  6. Pre-order your Oh So Detox. Shameless plug! After indulging this holiday period, you may feel the need to start the year with a detox. Planning for a stress free January isn’t complete without pre-ordering your Oh So detox. Because you are an early bird, you get 5% when you pre-order and pay for your detox by December 31st. You’ll also get 10% post detox for any Oh So purchase. Just type in BIGDETOX at checkout when placing your order and join any of our detox groups. Because we are the gift that keeps on giving, you get a free lunch box when you refer three or more friends to join you. Imagine a January where you don’t have to stress about money, your skin is on fleek and your body is free of toxins.

Found any of the tips above helpful or Do you have any other tips you would want us to learn from? Kindly leave us a comment. Merry Christmas!


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