What To Add To Your Water For Better Digestion

Water is by far the most important and widely accepted edible fluid that promotes effective function of every part of the body. However, most of us struggle with drinking plain water on a regular basis. “It’s too plain”. “It’s boring”. “I just can’t”. Whatever the excuse for not liking to drink plain water, staying well hydrated is imperative to living and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. When it comes to making water more appealing to drink, there is one trick you may want to try. Try adding fruits, spices, herbs and vegetables to your drinking water to spice things up. Several studies have shown that you can promote better digestion by adding fruits or vegetables to your water to aid the food digestion process in the body. 

Detox water

These plant-based ingredients not only add flavor to your water, they help reduce bloating as well as inflammation in the bowels. 

  • Lemon or Lime: rich in vitamin C, adding about 4 slices or 3 wedges of lime or lemon into your bottle of water can help your immune system fight against diseases and illnesses. Another interesting benefit is the acids present in lemon has similar properties with that present in your stomach, thereby increasing the production of bile by the liver for more efficient digestion.
  • Cucumber: rich in Vitamin B, adding fresh slices of cucumber helps relieve anxiety and stress. 
  • Ginger Root:  Proactive in helping to break down excess intestinal gases. Simply slice thinly some fresh ginger root, allow to sit overnight, allowing the ginger to release its nutrients into the water.
  • Cinnamon: popular for its aroma as well as delicious flavor in food and medicinal benefits, cinnamon is embraced due to its active benefits of soothing digestive systems by breaking intestinal gases. It also helps cure nausea as well as intestinal colic.
  • Apple Cider Vinegar: helps in the increased production of hydrochloric acid in the body, which helps break down amino acids from proteins to improve digestion. 
  • Fresh Mint Leaves: extremely efficient in relieving stomach pain problems like bloating, constipation. Fresh mint leaves stimulate digestive enzymes from the saliva to improve digestion.

A few combinations you may want to try;

  • Lemon and Ginger 
  • Mint, cucumber and lemon 
  • Pineapple chunks, coconut slices and lime
  • Strawberry, basil and lemon
  • Grapefruit and rosemary

Which of these are you looking to try first? Let us know!

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