Supplier & Job Opportunitiies


Are you a farmer or a natural produce supplier?

Our products are only as good as the ingredients. We are proudly Nigerian and are constantly on the hunt for great local produce suppliers. If you are a farmer, we'd love to hear from you. Please send us an email at and let's get the conversation started.

Job Seekers

We are hiring!

We’re growing our team. We are looking for some talented, energetic, natural food loving individuals who are passionate about bringing the best proudly Nigerian products into people's lives. We would love to see if you can take on some really important roles.

Our team is passionate about clean eating, and focused on the innovation of local natural food and beverage products. We are fun-loving, healthy-obsessed, collaborative and respectful. If you love healthy food, rolling up your sleeves, and want be part of an exciting startup, send your CV to with the Subject: Career Opportunities. Also, in the body of email include a summary about yourself and why you'd like to join our team.

What we’re looking for?

  • Great team players
  • Energy and passion (especially for wellness and healthy living)
  • Willingness to learn (constantly)
  • Motivation to drive own success and achieve individual objectives
  • Flexible working style
  • Commercial awareness & Customer Insight
  • Computer Literate & Internet Saavy
  • Minimum Bachelors degree
  • Prior marketing, sales, logistics, communications, relationship management, catering, food science and/or nutrition experience a plus