Mission & Values

Our Mission

We have a simple mission.

It is to provide healthy food and beverage options for the discerning individuals who are living life on the go.

Our Values

Eco Friendly

All our containers and bottles are certified eco friendly, are biodegradable, made from recycled materials and all plastics are BPA free and microwave safe. That means they won’t harm our environment. Which is something very important to us. Nigeria is a beautiful country and we want to do our small part to make sure it continues to stay that way.

Whole, Fresh Ingredients

Majority of our food and all of our beverage products are made with whole fresh ingredients. Additional ingredients are dried fruits, nuts or super foods. Also, our food and beverage offerings are made to order, which means that when you order, we make, we make when you order.

Locally Grown

90% of our ingredients are sourced locally from farmers and suppliers across the country. It’s important for us to support agricultural development and small business locally, especially those owned by women. For the 10%  of our ingredients that are not local, we make sure that they count, ensuring that they are sustainably produced, organic where possible and meet our high quality standards.

Preservative & Additive Free

Product offerings are made with fresh whole foods, therefore you will never find preservatives in our products. What you’ll find in our packages are as close to the way they were made to mother nature as possible.

What You See is What You Get

We believe that everyone should know what they are putting in their bodies, so you are making informed nutritional decisions. Many people suffer knowingly and some unknowingly from allergies or aversions to certain ingredients such as dairy, gluten, soy. That’s why we we always tell you what’s in our bottles and containers. We don’t believe in unpleasant surprises. Neither should you.

Constant Innovation

We are constantly dreaming up, creating, testing, recreating and retesting food and beverage recipes. It's important we continue to expand our knowledge on the benefits of food and combine them in a way that is both nourishing to the body and tantalising to the tastebuds. And all of our products are packed in a manner that's convenient for you.