Our Story

Oh So Nutrition is a whole foods and healthy beverage company founded in the bustling city of Lagos, Nigeria in 2014 by two friends who desperately needed to change their lifestyles to improve their lives.

With the hecticness of day to day life, we saw the need to help those, who like ourselves, truly wanted to change their ways and embrace a healthier lifestyle, to do so conveniently. We look around, did a number of searches online, asked friends, colleagues, complete strangers, but there was not a company in Lagos that could help us individually meet our daily nutritional needs. Breakfast was a chore, eating enough fruits and vegetables was tough and in all the busyness of the day to day, both of us separately started to suffer. So, after sharing our personal challenges with one another, each having made many trips to see doctors and specialists, we both decided to fill the gap ourselves and that is how Oh So was born.