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Who’s Behind Oh So Nutrition?

Affiong and Foluke - Two friends who met online and fell in love (that’s the story and they’re sticking to it!)

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Pictured (L) Foluke and (R) Affiong

About the Co-Founders

In 2002, Affiong and Foluke were both on the MBA application circuit in the USA. At a Harvard prospective minority students day, they found themselves in the same room. Both saw one another from afar, but they never actually spoke.

Affiong: “In a crowded room of prospective students and through a round of introductions, my attention piqued when I heard someone stand up and say that she had flown all the way from Lagos for 24 hours just to attend an MBA informational day. That’s real commitment! I was impressed and intrigued. That’s my kind of person and someone I definitely had to meet.”

Foluke: ”My family sometimes call me the friend stealer – their friends become my friends! I connect with people easily. It stems from childhood and the innate passion to tell and hear stories – real stories. I’m also a hopeless romantic – so as James Blunt says “yes we saw ourselves – across a crowded room” and once we chatted, there was  an instant connection.

Back home, in Atlanta and Lagos respectively, on a business school application forum they reconnected, realised they had seen one another a few weeks before and became fast online friends. For two years they corresponded over email and phone calls (there was no FaceTime or Skype back then!), helping one another through the highly competitive business school application process. They spent hours together electronically coaching one another on essay writing, interview practice, the treacherous GMAT exam and just keeping one another’s spirits up. They met properly face-to-face for the first time, since their initial encounter in London in the Summer of 2004 just before heading off to school.

Fast forward 12 years later, post business school and back in Lagos, they both realised (separately) that they desperately needed to change their lifestyles to improve their overall wellness for a number of health reasons.

Oh So Nutrition started in Affiong’s kitchen in 2014.

Affiong: “Having moved to Lagos and working full time I soon realised that eating healthy anything was a chore, eating enough fruits and vegetables was tough and in all the busy-ness of the day-to-day my health began to suffer. I also found out that I had a number of food allergies and severe intolerances also affecting my health. At first I started playing around with smoothie recipes in my kitchen, and with encouragement from a friend, started to bottle them. Foluke was our first paying customer and for that I’m eternally grateful. It gave me confidence to continue and even more so, when she said ‘I want to join and do this with you. Let’s grow this thing’. And that’s before we even knew if Oh So Nutrition was going anywhere.”

Foluke, Oh So’s very first paying customer, joined as co-founder in 2015.

Foluke: “At that time, finding real good food and drinks, you know the food that hits the soul and is always good for the soul was difficult to find in Lagos. Knowing Affi and being the first paying customer it really did hit my soul. I also had no choice, your body speaks to you constantly and tells you what you need.  I knew that I needed to feed my body with nutrients and real food. Like Affi, my body needed a lifestyle change and I felt and heard of many struggling bodies like mine so really it was a no brainer to want to be a co/founder and build this dream.” 

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together - African Proverb

Together Affiong and Foluke have grown Oh So from a small smoothie company based in a Lekki home kitchen to a fully established Lagos-based, Proudly Nigerian wellness brand that provides primarily plant-based options. Their objective is to solve the problem of finding and accessing trustworthy, healthy, flavourful and locally appealing food and beverage options for their customers in Nigeria and beyond, who are living ever increasingly fast paced lives on the go.