5 A Day Energy Box

5 A Day Energy Box

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Our “5 A Day” combo boxes are specially designed in collaboration with a nutritionist to help you meet your daily requirement of five servings of fruits and vegetables, plus more. The Energy Box combines a blend of carbohydrates, protein, healthy fats, vitamin B complex that helps to maintain a steady flow of energy throughout the day.


  • 1 Ofada & Ugu Stir Fry Chops (small)
  • 1 Ugulicious (250ml)
  • 1 Berry Chia Pudding with Mixed Fruit & Nuts
  • 1 Veggie Chips & Spicy Red Pepper Hummus Dip (chickpeas, red pepper, olive oil, mixed, spices) 
  • 1 Kale Chips (kale and mixed spices)
  • 1 Juice Shot (ugu, cucumber, lemon, wheatgrass powder)


  1. Check individual product pages for details
  2. New special products contained only in our 5x5 Boxes;
  • Berry Chia Pudding with Mixed Fruit & Nuts - Chia seeds are high in protein, fully of fiber and Omega-3 fatty acids
  • Veggie Chips & Spicy Hummus Dip - Veggie chips are a healthier way to snack and get in more vegetables. House-made hummus made from chickpeas
  • Kale Chips - An exciting way to get in more greens during the day
  • Juice Shot - A concentrated super shot boosted with wheatgrass powder full of antioxidants and known to help regulate blood sugar.