Snack Pack
Snack Pack

Snack Pack

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Our Snack Packs are designed to keep you on track with your healthy eating goals without the compromise. A little sweet, a little salty, a little spicy, a little smoky and a whole lot of goodness. Serving your all the snacking ability without the guilt.


  • 1 pack of Tamari Cashews (spicy) 
  • 1 pack of Coconut Bacon (smoky)
  • 1 pack of Kale Chips (salty)
  • 1 pack of Cookies (sweet)
  • 1 pack of Energy Bites or Truffles (sweet)
As with all our products, our Snack Packs are gluten free, dairy free, refined sugar, preservative and additive free made from plant based ingredients and suitable for vegans.